Why should I use YCT?

True or False -


1) My lender chooses who gets to order my title insurance.


False. It is completely up to you (about 99% of the time), the consumer, who you want to handle your title insurance. You even get to list us in the Contract.


2) By using a title company of the lender's choosing, my order will be processed faster, and I can move into my home more quickly.


False. Any title company outside of Yoakum County is required to use us for their title evidence, and so will take longer to prepare than if we were the only company in the process.


3) The title companies in a bigger city will save me money.


False. When an outside title company is used, they will often charge more for the tax certificate than our local tax certificates, which are only $10 each. They may also charge a heftier escrow fee (often $600 or more); our escrow fee is typically only $300.


4) A larger title company will get me a better rate on the insurance itself.


False. The insurance rates for title insurance are set by the Texas Department of Insurance, and every title company in the state is required to insure for those same rates.


5) I will get better service from another service provider.


False. You will still likely come into our office for a courtesy closing, but we will be less able to answer questions or resolve issues that may arise-issues that would likely have been resolved by us to begin with had we been your chosen title agent from the start. And as your neighbor, we are more genuinely concerned with meeting your needs than someone in Dallas or Houston.


6) Yoakum County Abstract Company will save me time, money, and frustration.